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Summer Movie Watch List and Scorecard

With the summer movie season kicking into full swing as we gear up for Memorial Day weekend here is a list of the movies that we have to look forward to complete with our take on the trailers. We will be coming back to this list as the season continues on to keep a record of how many of these hit the mark and how many, well didn’t.

So here is our summer line up:

(Scoring range:  Crap, Eh?, Okay, Could be Cool, Cool, Pretty Cool, Bad Ass, I need a towel)

Title                                   Release Date                        Trailer Impression                        Actual

Thor                                      May  2                                    Pretty Cool                                  Bad Ass

Priest                                    May 13                                  Pretty Cool

Pirates of the Caribbean   May 20                                  Pretty Cool
On Stranger Tides

X-Men: First Class            June 3                                     Bad Ass                                        Bad Ass

Super 8                               June 10                                  Could be Cool

Green Lantern                    June 17                                  Bad Ass

Transformers:                     June 29                                  Cool
Dark of the Moon

Harry Potter                         July 15                                  I need a towel
and the Deathly Hallows

Captain America:                July 22                                  Bad Ass
The First Avenger

Cowboys and Aliens          July 29                                   Eh?

The Smurfs                          July 29                                   Could be Cool

Rise of the Planet               Aug 5                                     Could be Cool
of the Apes

Bellflower                             Aug 5

Don’t Be Afraid                    Aug 12
of the Dark

Conan the Barbarian          Aug 19                                    Could be Cool

Fright Night                          Aug 19



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