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Comicpalooza day 1 recap

After a late start we jumped right into the festivities. This is my first big con and I’m amazed at the sheer size of it all. The huge amount of my fellow geeks is almost awe inspiring if only because when you’re here you are part of a larger cultural experience.

We went to the Web Comics panel with the creators of The Devils Panties, Brass Comics, and Clown Commandos. I’m writing this from my phone so I will add links later bc these guys were awesome. Next we hit up a panel with Kimberly Frost who talked about how to balance side characters. Last up was Rocky Horror with showcase from the Cherries which was hilarious and entertaining. I will admit it was my first time doing all the audience participation and it was a lot of fun. I also got a nice lipstick V on my forehead for popping my “rocky participation” cherry.

Today will be jam packed so I will be tweeting throughout the day.

BTW highlight of the day so far, meeting Edward James olmos in the hotel restaurant! Well, he didn’t get my name but he did ask us how our day was!



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