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Geek Word of the Week: Steampunk

This week’s word is brought to us in light of the one of the big themes of this past weekend’s Comicpalooza in Houston!

Steampunk (noun): 1. A genre of Science Fiction based on an alternative history  where Victorian era steam technology has advanced to a highly developed state. It often includes steam-powered airships, mechanical computers, and robots. 2. A cultural movement by which the positive values and ideas of the Victorian Era are adopted and applied to modern living in a way that it should have been and not as it was concerning the negative aspects of the period such as slavery, sexism, and imperialism.

A common misconception of Steampunk is that it strictly deals with Victorian English culture, where as the genre extends to any culture within that time period such as Asian and African cultures.

If you are interested in Steampunk here are some sites we recommend checking out!

Beyond Victoriana

San Antonio Neo-Victorian Assoc.

Airship Isabella


Cracked Monocle

Todays Word is brought to us by the Geektionary by Gregory Bergman and Josh Lambert (with additional words from yours truly)



One thought on “Geek Word of the Week: Steampunk

  1. Just noticed that you guys linked to our blog — thanks for reccing Beyond Victoriana! ^_^ I was down in Texas for Aetherfest back in April, and hope to return to the Lone Star state for another on soon.

    Posted by Ay-leen the Peacemaker | September 2, 2011, 8:12 pm

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