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Music to Grind to: Do Geeks and Gamers need an anthem?

I got an idea from Katrina Hill’s (of ActionFlickChick.com) twitter feed today. There was a call for what our anthem would be. That got me thinking, we really don’t have an anthem and we should.

As a culture, Geeks and Gamers grew to a point where we hold substantial clout when it comes to influencing other media in the mainstream and other sub cultures. Most other cultural movements have some sort of iconic song attached to their ideals and actions. So why don’t we have one yet?

It could be just that we really haven’t had one single song that embodies everything that it is to be a geek and/or gamer. I mean some would reference Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy,” but I feel that while it calls out many aspects of geek culture it till tends to land on the lampoon side when the mainstream audience hears it. Don’t get me wrong, I really love that song, I just don’t feel that it stands out as an iconic song on the same level that “Age of Aquarius” was for the Hippie culture.

On that note, do we really want to signify our culture as a movement? Tommy Lee Jones put it best in Under Siege (that’s right, I’m citing a Steven Seagal movie) when he classifies the tenuous nature of a cultural movement. A movement starts and then stops, sometimes without any true substantial change occurring. A revolution changes the world. Think about it, the women’s liberation (while still called a movement it was really more like a revolution), the sexual revolution, and most recently the digital revolution.

Our culture does not fall into the category of movement. I say this because in 10 years after geek chic has had its day and the mainstream finds something else to champion as the new “it” thing, I will still be a geek and live a geek life. Our culture is a way of life, it is a revolution because we have the potential to truly change the world in how it thinks and innovates. Think of it this way, some of the greatest achievements in our society came from geeks. It’s sad that as a culture we bought into the thought that we are not as important as the mainstream or somehow less worthy of serious recognition. However, that is changing because we are starting to champion our culture, to not just proclaim it but celebrate and advocate it.

One example that I feel comes the closest is “Geek and Gamer Girls” by Team Unicorn, a group of true Geek and Gamer girls (Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, Michelle Boyd, and Rileah Vanderbuilt) with the cred to match. This song is not just an anthem celebrating our culture but it is almost a call to battle. I remember when I first saw the video in September 2010. I sat there after it was over and I felt what I can only describe was an overwhelming sense of pride at the fact that I was a Geek and part of that culture. Granted, the song celebrates the existence of girls who are geeks and gamers but the message can still be universal. I watched the video like 20 times and remember thinking how huge this video was going to be for our culture. Actually this video was one of the reasons I picked my thesis to be around geek culture and also why I started this blog. Because we need a voice, we need something saying, shouting that our culture is real and here to stay.

We have power, more power than the world or even we realize. Our culture spans so many races, classes, and creeds.  If we ever truly mobilized, there is no limit to what we could accomplish. Something to think about when we try to find a voice, an anthem to herald our revolution.



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