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There is a New Player in Town…

A new voice in geek and gamer culture gets ready to launch in the next five days. GeekNation.com aims to be the ultimate online source for all things geek and they plan to kick it off with a bang. Premiering and celebrating their launch on June 2 with a star studded party in conjunction with Wizard World, one of the top Comic Cons in North America. The site, founded by actress Clare Kramer(Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5) will debut broadcasting from the Wizard World Philadelphia show floor (Booth 729). They will also host high-profile panels & Q&As – including Chris Hemsworth, Stan Lee, Buffyfest 20th Anniversary & the historic gathering of all five of the “Star Trek” captains.

Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill (left) and Clare Kramer (right) dressed to party. Photo by Jennifer Kelley Lublin, © 2011 GeekNation. See this and more pics in GeekNation’s Facebook albums.

So what does this mean to everyone else? For one, the site does bear the potential to bring a lot of the strongest voices in the geek community together in one place. This would not only create a massive compilation of some the best content currently available on the web, but it has the potential to create serious change within the culture.More voices promoting our culture could never be a bad thing. If anything it may set the bar a little higher. If there is one thing geek culture could use it is more voices promoting who we are and what we stand for.

So are you going to check out this new site when it launches? Do you think it will be awesome, mediocre, or downright crap? Time to sound off below!

Source: ActionFlickChick.com



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