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And I’m back……

No seriously this time. That being said, grad school kicked my ass. Well worth it though. Now that I am done I get to devote some much needed attention to my passions, one of them being this blog. I took two weeks to completely veg out. I watched a ton of anime, burned through my … Continue reading

What do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common? Part 2

So last week we talked about how the zombie genre creates the “us vs them” dynamic as the monstrous other. We also took a look at how several examples of recent films and tv shows portray this theory. This week we will take a look at all those factors and how they affect not only … Continue reading

How About Some Awesome Violin Action!

What do violins have to do with geeks and gamers? Well if it’s Lindsay Stirling, quite a bit! Lindsay made a big splash on America’s Got Talent and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. With a very active YouTube channel she blends amazing violin work with dance beats and even makes the time to … Continue reading

There is a New Player in Town…

A new voice in geek and gamer culture gets ready to launch in the next five days. GeekNation.com aims to be the ultimate online source for all things geek and they plan to kick it off with a bang. Premiering and celebrating their launch on June 2 with a star studded party in conjunction with Wizard World, … Continue reading

What Do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common?

Given the chance they will both devour anyone in their way. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the genre together and see where it takes us. I’ve discussed the concept of the “Other” before here and as I was watching the original Night of the Living Dead a few nights ago something hit … Continue reading

The Geek and Gamer Girl Conundrum

I’ve spoken out several times about the growing rumblings about what is and is not a geek, especially when it comes to women within our culture. This notion of any attractive woman claiming geek culture as someone pandering to accomplish something is ridiculous. Does it happen? Yeah it does. Is it hurting anything? Maybe or … Continue reading

Are Geeks Taking Over?

Looking around it sure seems like we’re breaking down walls in popular culture. You’re seeing geek and gamer culture references popping up in popular shows like How I Met Your Mother  where popular main characters such as Marshall, Ted, and yes even Barney all exhibit traces of geekdom. Check out this article from “Down Under” … Continue reading

Diablo 3 Review

  Hey everybody, check out my review of Diablo 3 over at Unleash the Fanboy.

Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

A really interesting post hit the Boston Globe’s website a couple days ago about the positive effects of gaming. Essentially, challenging games that force you to solve through puzzles, without access to the internet and the plethora of walkthroughs and cheats, actually help make you smarter. Well maybe not “smarter” but definitely increases critical thinking skills. In … Continue reading

Aetherfest 2012 Con Review

  Hey everybody! We had a blast at Aetherfest last weekend, check out our review posted over on Unleash the Fanboy.com. Central Texas Steampunk FTW

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