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DC Comics Revamp and its Cultural Potential

On Tuesday, DC dropped a bombshell, a total revamp of all of their flagship titles complete with an issue restart to number 1 in September. This includes long running titles such as Action Comics. I caught wind of the change from Jill Pantozzi’s (The Nerdy Bird), the writer of Has Boobs Reads Comics, twitter feed. … Continue reading

Comicpalooza Recap

Whew….. I had such a blast at Comicpalooza. It is really hard to pick out a top highlight because there were so many great things. I really enjoyed the Rocky Horror Experience by the Cherries. Like I said earlier it was my first time with a shadow cast and I was really entertained and impressed. … Continue reading

Geek Word of the Week: Steampunk

This week’s word is brought to us in light of the one of the big themes of this past weekend’s Comicpalooza in Houston! Steampunk (noun): 1. A genre of Science Fiction based on an alternative history  where Victorian era steam technology has advanced to a highly developed state. It often includes steam-powered airships, mechanical computers, and robots. … Continue reading

Comicpalooza day 1 recap

After a late start we jumped right into the festivities. This is my first big con and I’m amazed at the sheer size of it all. The huge amount of my fellow geeks is almost awe inspiring if only because when you’re here you are part of a larger cultural experience. We went to the … Continue reading


     After a first failed attempt, forbidding my wife to get online, and hitting APPLE+R close to a hundred times in a minute I am excited to say that I have a ticket to Blizzcon! For those who don’t know, Blizzcon is like the San Diego Comic Con for fans of Blizzard games, Diablo, Starcraft, … Continue reading

Comicpalooza Prep: Gear Check

I learned a couple lessons from my first con as a writer. This time I am going in prepared with a game plan. I’m looking over the schedule of events and picking out which ones I want to cover both from a cultural study perspective, but also which ones just look damn cool. Today we’re … Continue reading

Summer Movie Watch List and Scorecard

With the summer movie season kicking into full swing as we gear up for Memorial Day weekend here is a list of the movies that we have to look forward to complete with our take on the trailers. We will be coming back to this list as the season continues on to keep a record … Continue reading

Superman moves to a Global Perspective

Some of you may have seen the link we posted yesterday about Superman renouncing his citizenship to the United States. This change is huge for so many different reasons. First of all, this is a very powerful political statement whether DC Comics intended it to be or not. The political pundits are already weighing with … Continue reading

Video Games as Art Form

Some on you may have seen the link we posted on Facebook yesterday about the Smithsonian Exhibit that opens next year. If not, go ahead and quick check it out. This is a huge thing for all of us. Acknowledgement from the Smithsonian clearly defines that Video Games are an art form unto themselves. Of … Continue reading

Geek Word of the Week: Fortress of Solitude

In honor of Smallville’s epic finale here is our Geek word of the Week…. Fortress of Solitude: (n) Superman’s headquarters in the Artic. It first appeared in 1958 and has been represented in several mediums such as the animated series, Batman Beyond, and Smallville. It includes an alien zoo, a chess-playing robot, and central heating. … Continue reading

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