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The Voice Behind the Curtain: Comics and Political Discourse

With the Fourth of July right around the corner I thought we’d go a little political and partly patriotic for Friday’s post. Earlier this week we reviewed ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction and talked about  the implications of the ethical messages in the story.  This got me thinking about a growing trend in the comic … Continue reading

Biohazard and the Ethics of Zombie Warfare: Reviewing Zombies of Mass Destruction

The subject of war will always be a source of contention. How we go about making and fighting wars complicates the debate even more. In the past decade, we have seen so many debates on the methods our leaders and other countries utilize. The term “weapon of mass destruction” brings to mind images of mushroom … Continue reading

Graphic Novels 101: Undergraduate Courses in Geek Culture

We are seeing a growing trend of the mainstream looking to Geek and Gamer culture for ideas, inspiration, and the next big thing. Hollywood studios are churning out movies based on comic books because there is a solid business case to do so. There is already a solid fan base numbering close to the millions … Continue reading

The Power of Unlikely Casting in Comic Book Movies: Can We Start Trusting Hollywood Again?

In case you haven’t heard, there is a rumor floating around that Russell Crowe is being looked at to play Jor-El in the Superman reboot next year. This would be adding to a cast that includes Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane as Lois Lane, Jonathan and Martha Kent respectively. Now some may be … Continue reading

It’s Not Satanic Porn!!! A Review of The Devil’s Panties

It was kind of a love at first sight experience when I opened the first volume of the Devil’s Panties. Jennie Breeden’s call to action, “It’s Not Satanic Porn!,” is probably what initially hooked me. I really didn’t know what to expect since I never really got into a slice of life book before, but … Continue reading

DC Comics Revamp and its Cultural Potential

On Tuesday, DC dropped a bombshell, a total revamp of all of their flagship titles complete with an issue restart to number 1 in September. This includes long running titles such as Action Comics. I caught wind of the change from Jill Pantozzi’s (The Nerdy Bird), the writer of Has Boobs Reads Comics, twitter feed. … Continue reading

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