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Aetherfest 2012 Con Review

  Hey everybody! We had a blast at Aetherfest last weekend, check out our review posted over on Unleash the Fanboy.com. Central Texas Steampunk FTW Advertisements

Admiral Adama shows us his Mettle

I was very fortunate to be present at the Comicpalooza panel when Edward James Olmos announced his new project, Mettle. This will be a film, with a concurrently produced comic book, that will center on what happens after a hero hangs up the proverbial cape. Olmos partners with his son and Bob Layton, who reimagined Iron Man … Continue reading

Comicpalooza Recap

Whew….. I had such a blast at Comicpalooza. It is really hard to pick out a top highlight because there were so many great things. I really enjoyed the Rocky Horror Experience by the Cherries. Like I said earlier it was my first time with a shadow cast and I was really entertained and impressed. … Continue reading


     After a first failed attempt, forbidding my wife to get online, and hitting APPLE+R close to a hundred times in a minute I am excited to say that I have a ticket to Blizzcon! For those who don’t know, Blizzcon is like the San Diego Comic Con for fans of Blizzard games, Diablo, Starcraft, … Continue reading

Comicpalooza Prep: Gear Check

I learned a couple lessons from my first con as a writer. This time I am going in prepared with a game plan. I’m looking over the schedule of events and picking out which ones I want to cover both from a cultural study perspective, but also which ones just look damn cool. Today we’re … Continue reading


Now that the con “high” has leveled, I can talk about my trip into the world of SteamPunk. To say that I had a fair grasp on what SteamPunk meant would be a gross overstatement. Before heading into AetherFest, the word would bring to mind Victorian dressed inventors and engineers with various cogs and steam … Continue reading

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