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What do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common? Part 2

So last week we talked about how the zombie genre creates the “us vs them” dynamic as the monstrous other. We also took a look at how several examples of recent films and tv shows portray this theory. This week we will take a look at all those factors and how they affect not only … Continue reading

How About Some Awesome Violin Action!

What do violins have to do with geeks and gamers? Well if it’s Lindsay Stirling, quite a bit! Lindsay made a big splash on America’s Got Talent and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. With a very active YouTube channel she blends amazing violin work with dance beats and even makes the time to … Continue reading

Diablo 3 Review

  Hey everybody, check out my review of Diablo 3 over at Unleash the Fanboy.

Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

A really interesting post hit the Boston Globe’s website a couple days ago about the positive effects of gaming. Essentially, challenging games that force you to solve through puzzles, without access to the internet and the plethora of walkthroughs and cheats, actually help make you smarter. Well maybe not “smarter” but definitely increases critical thinking skills. In … Continue reading

Every Joke Has a String of Truth

  April 1st, rent is due, payday for some, and the kicking off of what is now a gamer tradition. Blizzard’s annual April Fools joke. This year they posted a new string of products called “Blizzard Kidzz” a line of educational games drawn from Blizzard’s gallery of games World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. As usual … Continue reading

Corporate World (of Warcraft)

After devastating changes in the economic climate, the edge in financial success moved from best product to best innovation. Now, strong leaders realize finding efficiency in new methods to accomplish business goals and motivate a workforce—equals success. The multi-media-raised masses require learning methods beyond books and seminars. Corporations must embrace these new avenues to “stay … Continue reading

Girls, Girls, Girls…….Redefining Perception and Busting the Social Stigma

This week I figured we would go a bit different and do a little compare and contrast exercise on what I think are some of the videos that really kicked off the trend of Geek Media made for Geeks about Geeks and Gamers. That and I think they are just hilarious as all get out. … Continue reading

Why so serious? The answer may surprise you…

I decided to shake things up a bit this week. Why do we get so protective over our favorite parts of our culture? More and more we see instances of Geeks and Gamers feeling threatened by individuals they think are illegitimately claiming the culture. The thought of the poser or pandering band-wagon geek grows more … Continue reading

Music to Grind to: Do Geeks and Gamers need an anthem?

I got an idea from Katrina Hill’s (of ActionFlickChick.com) twitter feed today. There was a call for what our anthem would be. That got me thinking, we really don’t have an anthem and we should. As a culture, Geeks and Gamers grew to a point where we hold substantial clout when it comes to influencing … Continue reading

Video Games as Art Form

Some on you may have seen the link we posted on Facebook yesterday about the Smithsonian Exhibit that opens next year. If not, go ahead and quick check it out. This is a huge thing for all of us. Acknowledgement from the Smithsonian clearly defines that Video Games are an art form unto themselves. Of … Continue reading

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