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What do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common? Part 2

So last week we talked about how the zombie genre creates the “us vs them” dynamic as the monstrous other. We also took a look at how several examples of recent films and tv shows portray this theory. This week we will take a look at all those factors and how they affect not only … Continue reading

How About Some Awesome Violin Action!

What do violins have to do with geeks and gamers? Well if it’s Lindsay Stirling, quite a bit! Lindsay made a big splash on America’s Got Talent and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. With a very active YouTube channel she blends amazing violin work with dance beats and even makes the time to … Continue reading

What Do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common?

Given the chance they will both devour anyone in their way. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the genre together and see where it takes us. I’ve discussed the concept of the “Other” before here and as I was watching the original Night of the Living Dead a few nights ago something hit … Continue reading

Aetherfest 2012 Con Review

  Hey everybody! We had a blast at Aetherfest last weekend, check out our review posted over on Unleash the Fanboy.com. Central Texas Steampunk FTW

Every Joke Has a String of Truth

  April 1st, rent is due, payday for some, and the kicking off of what is now a gamer tradition. Blizzard’s annual April Fools joke. This year they posted a new string of products called “Blizzard Kidzz” a line of educational games drawn from Blizzard’s gallery of games World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. As usual … Continue reading

Supernatural Season Thus Far….

  I’m an episode behind since we watch it online now, which really isn’t too bad. We hook up our macbook pro to the HD TV, not sacrificing too much in the way of picture quality either. Anyway, I’ll say that I’m liking it. You can tell that they are trying to get it back … Continue reading

The Glee Effect: How Should We Look at Glee in Geek Culture?

  Glee tends to be a touchy subject in the geek community. Some of us cheer it on for what it does and continues to do with regards to spreading awareness. Others may feel that it is a cop out or pandering to the geek community just enough to get us and the mainstream to … Continue reading

The Foreign Other: Build a Burning Bridge

Last Month we talked about the Unknown Other, someone or something that we do not understand because we do not know about them. Very often, the Unknown person usually ends up being from a different culture and considered Foreign. With this, both the Unknown and Foreign Other share several similarities in terms of theory and … Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Whedonverse and Its Impact

So a couple of days ago I was painting and decided to pop Serenity in for noise. Big Mistake. I’ve learned that pretty much anything Whedon is going to result in me sitting down, watching intently, even if I’ve seen it a hundred times. Of course this isn’t a new realization, ever since they ran … Continue reading

Girls, Girls, Girls…….Redefining Perception and Busting the Social Stigma

This week I figured we would go a bit different and do a little compare and contrast exercise on what I think are some of the videos that really kicked off the trend of Geek Media made for Geeks about Geeks and Gamers. That and I think they are just hilarious as all get out. … Continue reading

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