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What Do Zombies and Geeks Have in Common?

Given the chance they will both devour anyone in their way. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the genre together and see where it takes us. I’ve discussed the concept of the “Other” before here and as I was watching the original Night of the Living Dead a few nights ago something hit … Continue reading

Every Joke Has a String of Truth

  April 1st, rent is due, payday for some, and the kicking off of what is now a gamer tradition. Blizzard’s annual April Fools joke. This year they posted a new string of products called “Blizzard Kidzz” a line of educational games drawn from Blizzard’s gallery of games World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. As usual … Continue reading

Survey of Comic Book Cartoons: The Modern Age

With the new millennium, cartoons began to take leaps far beyond what they had completed before. The rise in popularity of Japanese comic books (Manga) and animation (Anime) in the United States led to a stronger influence on popular media. In the late 90s, comic book artists such as Joe Madureira became popular for artistic … Continue reading

The Monstrous Other: The Things That Bump In the Night

  Fear of the other remains a consistent figure in the horror genre, media devoted to the gruesome and dark. These stories explore humanity’s innate dread of the unknown and unwelcome. Stories about ghouls and goblins, told around campfires, evoke this primal reaction to the unknown. Renowned director John Carpenter reasons these stories seek to … Continue reading

Survey of Comic Book Cartoons: The Silver Age

When we last left off we were in the mid to late 80s and the X-Men just had a false start pilot, although it did become a rather popular arcade game, which is available on the Playstation network for those interested. At the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century no one could … Continue reading

The Foreign Other: Build a Burning Bridge

Last Month we talked about the Unknown Other, someone or something that we do not understand because we do not know about them. Very often, the Unknown person usually ends up being from a different culture and considered Foreign. With this, both the Unknown and Foreign Other share several similarities in terms of theory and … Continue reading

Survey of Comic Book Cartoons: The Golden Age

So when I caught wind of G4’s plans to broadcast Anime versions of some of our favorite Marvel heroes I have to admit, my interest was piqued. I’ve always been a fan of the animated medium. I owe this in large part to the fact that my parents indulged my craving for super hero antics … Continue reading

The Unknown Other: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You…

Last month we talked out the concept of the Other, a person or group outside of the common group, and its role in our history and culture. The practice of this concept in history saw the rise of the Third Reich and justification for Jim Crow Laws and Apartheid. So this begs the question. Have … Continue reading

Shakespeare, Sophocles, and…. George Lucas?

by Jason McLarty Imagine this, you walk into your English class sit down and the chalkboard (do they still use chalkboards in school or have they all gone dry erase?) has the words “Heroic Tragedy” scribbled very largely across it. “Great,” you think, “another lame play/novel written by some guy who’s been dead for a … Continue reading

The Other: An Introduction

One of the goals I had when I started Geek and Gamer Grad was to show the mainstream and academic worlds that our (Geeks and Gamers) culture is something that merits study, that matters, and can influence society. This article series is a step in that direction because we cannot truly step forward unless we … Continue reading

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