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Diablo 3 Review

  Hey everybody, check out my review of Diablo 3 over at Unleash the Fanboy. Advertisements

Supernatural Season Thus Far….

  I’m an episode behind since we watch it online now, which really isn’t too bad. We hook up our macbook pro to the HD TV, not sacrificing too much in the way of picture quality either. Anyway, I’ll say that I’m liking it. You can tell that they are trying to get it back … Continue reading

Girls, Girls, Girls…….Redefining Perception and Busting the Social Stigma

This week I figured we would go a bit different and do a little compare and contrast exercise on what I think are some of the videos that really kicked off the trend of Geek Media made for Geeks about Geeks and Gamers. That and I think they are just hilarious as all get out. … Continue reading

More than Meets the Eye: Review of Transformers Dark of the Moon

On the note of shameless puns, I couldn’t resist. Surprisingly I don’t think there was any Pink Floyd in the soundtrack although I could be wrong (bonus cool points if anyone can prove me wrong). There will always be differing opinions about the progression of Transformers movies. Some may fall into the camp that Michael … Continue reading

Biohazard and the Ethics of Zombie Warfare: Reviewing Zombies of Mass Destruction

The subject of war will always be a source of contention. How we go about making and fighting wars complicates the debate even more. In the past decade, we have seen so many debates on the methods our leaders and other countries utilize. The term “weapon of mass destruction” brings to mind images of mushroom … Continue reading

In Brightest Day: Green Lantern Review

I walked into Green Lantern Sunday with mixed anticipations. I deliberately avoided any and all reviews beforehand because I wanted to see it without preconceived notions but I still had some reservations about how it was going to play out. All in all, the movie was entertaining. The overall plot was engaging and held my … Continue reading

It’s Not Satanic Porn!!! A Review of The Devil’s Panties

It was kind of a love at first sight experience when I opened the first volume of the Devil’s Panties. Jennie Breeden’s call to action, “It’s Not Satanic Porn!,” is probably what initially hooked me. I really didn’t know what to expect since I never really got into a slice of life book before, but … Continue reading

X-Men First Class: Breaking From the Canon and Redeems the Franchise

In terms of action, I defer to Katrina Hill’s review, which I feel catches all the highpoints of the action side of the film. Also you can keep up with our scorecard. I will admit that walking into X-Men First Class my expectations were sadly very very low. After X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men … Continue reading

Smallville Finale: First Impressions

I can admit I went into tonights finale with some high expectations. After 10 seasons I had some pretty definite things I wanted to happen…. It totally delivered. Without spoiling too much it definitely completed Clark’s journey into a hero and brought back as much of the original cast as possible to close out the … Continue reading

Thor Really Brings the Thunder

So every Geek has experienced the tense anticipation whenever a movie based off a video game or comic book is in production. Is it going to be good? Cheesy? Will it be true enough to the source material? Sometimes we get a great payoff and sometimes we get Catwoman. I am very happy to say … Continue reading

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