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Supernatural Season Thus Far….

  I’m an episode behind since we watch it online now, which really isn’t too bad. We hook up our macbook pro to the HD TV, not sacrificing too much in the way of picture quality either. Anyway, I’ll say that I’m liking it. You can tell that they are trying to get it back … Continue reading

The Glee Effect: How Should We Look at Glee in Geek Culture?

  Glee tends to be a touchy subject in the geek community. Some of us cheer it on for what it does and continues to do with regards to spreading awareness. Others may feel that it is a cop out or pandering to the geek community just enough to get us and the mainstream to … Continue reading

Smallville Finale: First Impressions

I can admit I went into tonights finale with some high expectations. After 10 seasons I had some pretty definite things I wanted to happen…. It totally delivered. Without spoiling too much it definitely completed Clark’s journey into a hero and brought back as much of the original cast as possible to close out the … Continue reading

Geek U: The Rabbit and the Wormhole of TV and Time Travel Part 2

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4 Did Time Travel ruin Heroes? What happened to Heroes? It entered into popular culture as a game changer, the super hero story legitimately arrived into prime time television and geeks of the world rejoiced. So what happened? Some could say that the introduction of time travel led … Continue reading

Geek U: The Rabbit and the Wormhole of TV and Time Travel Part 1

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4 Since we first joined H.G Wells and jumped through time in The Time Machine, several different mediums have taken their hand at recapturing and reimagining the magic of traveling through time and space. Stories about time travel can give us insight into plot and character in a … Continue reading

Supernatural to the Future…well Past

I’m a bit concerned with Supernatural. I’ve been a fan since season 3 (but bought 1 and 2 and burned through them in a weekend each). It really has done an amazing job taking horror themes and monster tales to create good storylines. I was afraid they were going the way of Heroes when I … Continue reading

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